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PARENTS: Notices of center closings, weather related closings and delays, bus services being early, late or canceled check Class DoJo School Story

May 10th - Last Day for MLK Center Head Start AM and PM Classes

May 12th - Last Day for MLK Center Part-Year  Educational Staff.

May 15th - First day for MLK Center Early Head Start 7 hour Day.

May 19th - Last Day for MLK Center Part-Year Family Advocates.

May 29th - Closed for Memorial Day.

May 30th - Last Day for Sgt. Shriver Center  and  Noland Centers Head Start Classes. 


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About HSWC

Our Mission

Head Start of Washington County, Inc. is dedicated to making a difference in our community through comprehensive child and family development services. Our mission is to provide children with nurturing experiences, a strong foundation for developmental growth and opportunities to achieve school readiness. We strive to empower families to take an active role in their child's development and to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

Working with our community and families to give children a Head Start.

Our Values

  • Respect | Respect for individuals, ideas and differences
  • Integrity | Pursuing our mission with honesty and accountability
  • Quality Services | Continuous improvement of services – children deserve the best opportunities that we can provide
  • Community Involvement | Partnering, collaborating, and being involved to make a difference

Our Goals

Head Start of Washington Co., Inc. has developed program goals, for the 5 year grant cycle, beginning February 1, 2021.  Goals, objectives and action steps were created in collaboration with staff, Policy Council members and our Board of Directors through a process of small and large group sessions, a Program Planning committee meeting and finally culminating with approval of both governing bodies.  HSWC recognizes that this is a living document and will seek input on annual revisions in order to chart progress and maximize success.  Our agency is excited to grow and further improve our services to children and their families in the next 5 years!

Goal #1:  Coordinated Approach to Staff Development

Head Start of Washington County, Inc. will ensure the highest caliber of employees by offering competitive salaries, professional, learning opportunities, and a workplace that promotes growth and wellness.

Goal #2:  Comprehensive Approach to Enrollment

Head Start of Washington County, Inc. will develop and support a comprehensive approach to enrollment that maximizes child and family access to services and provides a foundation for long-term educational success.

Goal #3:  Culture of Health and Wellness

Head Start of Washington County, Inc. will build a culture of health and wellness by collaborating with community partners to achieve an environment that encompasses a balanced and holistic lifestyle for staff, families, and children.

Goal #4:  PBIS Head Start of Washington County, Inc. will implement PBIS program-wide to provide high-quality classroom environments and increase family engagement through a trauma-focused lens that will directly improve children’s school readiness.