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Parents:  reminder that  bus riders pick up/ drop off times may vary by a few minutes this week. Please be patient.    


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Program Update 11/19/2020

Good morning!  As I mentioned in last week's update, the health and safety levels in our community are worsening very rapidly due to COVID-19. 

We do as much as we possibly can to provide a healthy environment, but now we must act in the best interest of safety for our children and staff.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this update may cause. 

Please know that we are committed to providing quality distance learning experiences and cannot wait to get the children back in person as soon as possible!

*         Our last day of in person classes at MLK, Shriver and Noland will

be 11/25.  We will return to distance learning for all children in those sites from 11/30/20 until at least 1/11/21.  When we return from the holiday break we will assess if 1/11 is possible to return those children currently attending in person.


*         Elgin Station will remain open at this time.  However, beginning

11/30, Elgin will return to a substantially decreased capacity, as

determined by parent need.   Parents at Elgin will be contacted ASAP

regarding the status of your child's in person attendance. 

Thank you for choosing Head Start!  Stay safe and healthy. 

**Please also stay in touch with your child's Teacher and Family Advocate!

We will be delivering bags of goodies to children regularly as well as holiday gift bags.**


Vicki Robinson, LMSW

Executive Director

Head Start of Washington Co., Inc.