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Education Services

All children and families are welcomed into Head Start’s programs. We understand that every child has unique strengths and unique needs. All programs are multilingual and include children and families from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. At Head Start, diversity is celebrated both in and out of the classroom.

Head Start / Early Head Start Center Based Classroom [Extended Day Program | Part-Year]

Our extended day part-year program classrooms are open five days a week from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm and operate during the months of September to mid-May. Bus transportation is provided for children if available in the area where you live. Our centers that offer extended day program are Martin Luther King Center, Noland Center, and Sargent Shriver Center.


Head Start / Early Head Start Center Based Classroom [Full-Year]

Our full-year program classrooms are open five days a week from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. Individual classroom hours vary within the center and are based upon available funding. For the Head Start and Early Head Start Full-Day program, a childcare subsidy is required. Transportation is not available. Parents are responsible for child drop off and pick up at the Elgin Station Center.


Head Start / Early Head Start Home-Based Program

Our home-based option offers educational and family enrichment opportunities for children from birth to age five, as well as pregnant mothers in the comfort of the family’s home. If your child is enrolled in the home-based program, you will have a weekly visit from the Home-Based Teacher. The teacher will contact you in advance to set up a convenient time for the visits, which will last one hour and half (90 minutes).

Socializations are offered twice a month. These socializations are intended for you and your child to experience parent/child activities together in a classroom environment. Transportation and a meal are provided if you choose to attend socialization.

Expectant Mother Program

Our Expectant Mother Program offers individualized home visits every two weeks for no-risk mothers and once a week for high-risk mothers. Our Head Start staff assists with access to prenatal and postnatal visits,  postpartum medical care, dental care, and child development. They provide education and support along with a postpartum follow-up appointment with a Registered Nurse. Mothers have the option to attend the bi-weekly socializations and transportation and meal is provided.