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Emergency  COVID-19  *UPDATE* Our buildings opened Monday, June 29, 2020.   However, the status of children attending our program may be further delayed as we continue to follow health and safety guidelines.  The return of children will be re-assessed regularly and announced to enrolled families as soon as possible.  Distance learning will continue for children normally attending our summer sessions until we can safely welcome you back in person.


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Make a Difference - Join Us

Parents as Partners

Stay active and involved in your child's school life. Attend school meetings, go to parent teacher conferences.  Read all materials that come home from school.  Often changes in routine, fieldtrips, notes on your child's progress and health alerts are listed in school notes.   Be sure to sign up for your child's classroom text alerts (Remind Service) and stay notified on classroom activities as well as agency closings and delays.

Here at Head Start we offer several Parent Workshops during the school year such as  Dare to Be You (DTBY),  Parent Café,  Love & Logic,  Active Parenting Now  & Coffee Breaks.   If you are interested in attending one of our workshops ask your Family Advocate for the schedule.  We would love to see you there!

Do you want to be more involved in your child's education? Join one of our Committee's.

  • Education Advisory Committee
    This committee reviews and approves the curriculum and provides input on the various educational trips. With the increased educational emphasis on our program, the committee reviews the assessment results and identifies the areas where children need to improve.
  • Health and Nutrition Advisory Committee
    This committee looks at the current health care needs of our children, families, and community; plans for parent nutrition trainings; and discusses other topics as needed.
  • Mental Health Advisory Committee
    This sub-committee meets with professionals from the community and review Mental Health Services available to the children and families through Head Start. They discuss ways of improving mental health services, arrange mental health activities, and discuss community issues.
  • Policy Council Committee
    The Policy Council actively participates in the development of school readiness goals and helps to assess the programs progress in achieving those goals. Being a Policy Council Representative gives parents an opportunity to have a meaningful voice in their child’s day-to-day Head Start life.

For more information just see your Family Advocate.