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Emergency  COVID-19  *UPDATE* Our buildings opened Monday, June 29, 2020.   However, the status of children attending our program may be further delayed as we continue to follow health and safety guidelines.  The return of children will be re-assessed regularly and announced to enrolled families as soon as possible.  Distance learning will continue for children normally attending our summer sessions until we can safely welcome you back in person.


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Parents Portal

March 2nd through March 22nd 2020
National Campaign 21 Day Read Aloud Challenge. 


Parent Suggestion Box

  • Do you have an idea that could help our program?  Let us know.
  • Do you have a concern regarding your child ?  Let us know.
  • Would you like to receive training on certain subjects? Let us know what that is.
  • Do you have a question about our policies and procedures?  Ask and we will try to help.


Your opinion is important to us feel free to leave your information in our Parent Suggestion Box.
The Parent Suggestion Box is monitored by Vicki Robinson, Executive Director
Please allow at least 48 hours for a response.


Parents Get Involved 

Becoming an effective advocate for your children requires becoming involved in their education and their lives. Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their education do better in school. Schools need parent and family involvement to succeed just as much as your children do.

Head Start encourages parents and families to become involved in their children’s education, both in and out of the classroom. Some of the ways parents can support your children at Head Start include:

  • participating in the classroom;
  • attending Head Start staff/parent meetings;
  • attending training to learn the rights and responsibilities concerning children’s education in school;
  • getting involved in decisions about your children’s education by learning to communicate with teachers and other school staff;
  • serving on a Head Start committee, such as the Policy Council or Advisory Committees;
  • learning how to become involved in developing an Individualized Education Plan if your child has special needs; and
  • creating a learning environment at home in an effort to support classroom learning.

To become better role models for your children, Head Start will help you explore opportunities to expand your education, find a job, and tap into support groups where parents and family members encourage each other.

When it’s time to move on, Head Start children leave with confidence and skills they need to succeed in kindergarten, first grade and beyond. Many of our participants have gone on to become business owners, teachers, lawyers, mayors, Members of Congress, athletes, Grammy-winning musicians, poets, and parents themselves.